Create a counting app based on the physical counting device you've made last week. Consider the best way to translate the physical sensations that you found successful in your physical prototype.


This is the home screen. On the top, title of each d-day will show up with the total goal. In the middle, completed day is displayed. Small white balls represents the units digit. It will have slight bouncing effects to attract users visually. 

When you swipe through next page, you can set the goals. Bar will indicate the progress of each goals, and you can either check or uncheck to activate.(If its activated, you will see it in home screen.) 

You can press the down arrow to manage the goals. When you are done, simply tap the arrow again. 


Create a physical counting object that users could keep on their desk. The object should be able to count up and down from a range of 1-99.

Nowadays, people count down the dates with using google calendar or counting apps. but how do we make it physical? The physical objects are quite different from mobile since it should not only provide users functionality, but it should also be visually attractive. The object should be a thing that people might want to keep it for a long time.

During the ideation, I was questioning, why is the normal counting objects shaped square? Normally, it is like a calendar shape that people have to flip through. So I thought of the different shape, and found some images related to the sphere shape. 


Lottery and gumball machine was my inspiration and I tried to combine it as a counting device. 

Mood board

I tried to make it really simple, but also elegant. I divided units digit and tens digits by using 10 metal balls for each. l also differentiated those two digits with using only the scale since I wanted the whole design to be consistent. Tens digit ball is larger than units digit. Each day, a user will put the small ball inside the box. Whenever small box reaches to 10, you reset by pulling out every ball outside. And you put the ten digit ball into the bigger box, which makes 10 days. Users can satisfy whenever they see the balls filling the boxes. The object can also be a decoration for their desk.