Post an object that appeals to you because of the way you interact with it. Describe the appeal of the object to you and analyze what you love about it and why. Also, post an example of a frustrating user experience. Share the object you love, the experience that frustrates you and sketches of how you would fix the frustrating user experience. 


Nowadays people are so connected to smartphones. So it is unavoidable to use mobile services. While some apps frustrate users even more, there are some other apps that I really enjoy using it a lot. One of them is "Venmo", a free digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends. You can easily split the bill, cab fare, or much more.  

Venmo streamlines the process of paying people, instantly. So anyone can easily use it without any instruction. Especially when we eat together and people often don’t have cash, this app is very handy. Also, the option for "request" makes easier for the users to ask others for paying. They can later remind the others to pay for them by tapping "remind" button. 
Not only the functional aspects, I love the simplicity of the app. It has a very clean interface, which allows people to learn the experience very easily.  


While I was thinking of bad user experience examples, I was also looking at my class enrollment. I was so used to the NYU Albert website that I was almost not realizing how badly the system was designed. Thinking back when I first used the page, I was pretty confused because the category was all over the place. The related link part was way too long and the student center page was under the "Albert mobile" ad, even though it might be the main link that students would click. Since the hierarchy is not clear, students are having a hard time where to go unless there are any instructions.  

Also, there is one more badly designed product that confuses users, USB.!! I always put it in a wrong direction. Sometimes they have the mark that indicates the direction, but still, I do think it's not enough for users to match correctly at the first time. The Mac USB cable is nicely designed in an aesthetic way but does not consider fully the users. If I was able to design it again, I might consider differentiating with different textures or having one side a curve that is concaved down.(matching with person's fingertip)