Week 10- Midterm

An interactive quiz for NYC's famous buildings. 

Partner: Steven Simon

While we are brainstorming the idea, we've thought about the experiences that we've had in the museums. Normally, we see the exhibition and read the information that is described next to the work. But how can we maximize the interactivity when we see the exhibitions? The project that we came out was to make a simple quiz and allow users to get the right answer. We thought of an artwork that can be put in the New York City museum. Through this educational quiz, users can get knowledge of the buildings better. 


The user first reaches to the installation and turn on the power to start playing. When the screen shows and asks question, a user answers to it by switching the nob. Also, we added some indication sounds when users turn the nob. When the user gets right, it goes on to the next question. But when they get it wrong, it repeats. The time count will show up on the bottom left corner of the box.