Week8- external data source

Sentiment analysis based on the Facebook messages that you've wrote.

For the final project, I wanted to analyze the user's sentiment based on their word usage inside the Social Networks. In order to do that, I had to go to the Facebook developer page and bring my information JSON file. At first, I used Rita to classify the word usage and tried to analyze the emotion after classifying it. But there was Compendium.js that sorts the word based on the sentiment and gives out whether the sentence is positive, neutral, or negative. 

This is my newsfeed from the facebook with limiting to 3 posts. It includes my friend's posts on my feed. 

Next I brought only the messages that I've wrote on the Facebook. 

Then I used Compendium to analyze.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 1.49.24 AM.png

*Always validate JSON files!! Check " " is fully closed. 

Since right now, I do not have enough posts, I might have to upload more and test it around. I also need to find out if I can bring live feed without uploading the JSON file manually. Also, don't know why "nolimitedfeed" file doesn't open in the web editor.(Works in Desktop ver.)