Create a digital counting app. 
Identify three key functionalities and develop a script to test them. Test it with 5 users and document your results. Share what you would change in your next iteration.


There were 3 questions that I asked for first users. 

  1. Can you add the new goal set easily?
  2. Would you like to open the app every day?
  3. Is the user flow(navigation) intuitive for you?

1. Yes, the goal set page is pretty straight forward. But it would be nice if the users could set the goal whenever they want without going to the next page. Maybe plus sign button on the bottom could solve the problem. 

2. Yes and no. Users might go to the app first to set the goals. But it would be more convenient if there is like a notification or a reminder message even you are outside of the app. That way, users can just know the achievement right away and go into the app whenever they need to.

3. Yes. 

The main feedback was that they could not get the visual part immediately, where the half circle is shown. Unless you see the change after the day passes, it is hard to get it at the first glance. There was too much information to look at: Goal title, Total goal days, Completed days. 

Also, the app is counting up. But users might want to see the days left for the final goal. The title and description text in the screen is too small that users might not get fast. 

One of the user testee complimented about the color scheme. It clearly identifies the missions. She suggested that it would be more clear if there is a bigger category that divides based on the function of the goal. For instance, career related goals are shades of blue, while school related goals are shades of red.

There is a book called "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. In order to achieve the bigger goals, you should get the lower goals done before. This structure allows people to engage more and be able to achieve the higher level of goals more effectively. 

So for my counting app, I might need the goal set categorized based on the hierarchy. Users set the category first, and then in the lower action goals, users can select the category like a hashtag. This can motivate the bigger goals too. 


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